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“Ever since using switching to Pure & Bare deodorants, I haven't looked back! It's just as effective as the local premium brand (who shall remain nameless) and even better for sensitive skin. My fiancee used to have terrible underarm eczema, but it has now vanished completely!”                                                                           Ian W.

"I have used both the Woodsy and the Peace deodorants and love them both. The scents are delicious, and the product works really well to keep me smelling delicious too! I also appreciate that I've had the products for nearly a year and they're still stable and as excellent as when I first got them -- not always true with organic products but these are top-notch!"                                                                                                                                                                    Christa


"I have been using Leona’s deodorants for 2 years now.  I am obsessed with their texture, scents and the effectiveness of them.  I would NEVER go back to using the chemically ridden store-bought products! I choose the “Peace” and “Woodsy” deodorants for day-to-day use and the “Sensible” with newly-shaven armpits, due to its gentleness. 

I love the creamy textures of each and the beautiful, natural scents. I appreciate how effective they are and that I am caring for my body with healthy elements.  I enjoy applying they with my fingertips, which also feels more natural and self-nurturing. 

I look forward to any additional products that Leona creates with passion and LOVE!"                      Cindy W.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


"I have been enjoying the lovely and affordable Peace and Woodsy Pure and Bare deodorant creams with the heavenly soft and subtle airy scents for over a year. I have been gifting the Sensible cream deodorant to friends who love floral scents. I feel good using this deodorant knowing that the ingredients are top quality essential oils and safe non-toxic ingredients. Metals like aluminum and cancer-causing ingredients like talc are seen commonly used in the beauty industry, so I feel that it is important and necessary to use top-quality beauty and personal products. The Peace scent is my favourite, it is light, breezy with licoricey and citrus hints and a light floral edge. I absolutely love it! Thank you Leona, I can not wait to see what you create next! Love your products!"                                                                                           K. McDowall                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

"I’ve been using Leona’s deodorant preparations for over a year.  The cream is easy to spread and I’ve certainly experienced long-lasting odour protection.  I really appreciate a natural product and enjoy the gentle and refreshing scents Leona incorporates.”                                                                                                                                                      Joan G.


“I have been using the sensible deodorant for about 2 years and have not gone back! I suffer from extreme skin sensitivities as well as eczema, have battled if for years, finally I have no eczema since using this deodorant line. I suffered from the biggest rashes under my armpits and now they are healed and completely gone!!”             Sean W.                                                                                                   

"I started to use Sensible over a year ago, and continue to reorder it.  The product works very well and it is so reassuring to know that there are no nasty ingredients in it."                                                                                           Susanne H.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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